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Ranger OppertEngl. 230110/22/2014Critical EssayThe FloodIn today's world we hear of flash flood warnings and flood threats when heavy rain is coming. In actuality the "flood" that is coming is only going to be a couple feet high. Why yes, this flood causes our daily lives to be put on hold, but normally in a day we are back to our normal lives. Children hear stories of a man named Noah who built an ark to save himself and his family from a massive flood. There is a lot more to the story, but for children that is what they get out of it. In Sunday school, a lesson was given stating that there was also a flood in the Quran similar to the one in the Bible. It became incredibly hard to deny the fact that there was a flood that filled the land thousands of years ago. Something new to myself is the occurrence of a flood in Gilgamesh, where similar to the Bible the gods decided to flood the Earth, but a god told them to build a boat for the safety of himself, family, and the animals. In the stories Gilgamesh and Genesis we see similar occurrences when it comes to the building of the boat, how the hero in each story found land, and the reasons behind the flood.The most notable similarity between the two stories is that a god told them to build a boat for the upcoming flood. This was not just a normal sized fishing boat, but a boat that would be large enough to fit a family and an entire herd of animals. Both Noah, the only man alive that please God, and Utapishtim, a king and priest of Shurrupak, were called to be the hero of the land and build a boat for safety from the upcoming flood. Both Noah and Utapishtim did as they were called, they built the ark. In Genesis 7, God was instructing Noah on what all to bring on to the ark and how long the flood would last. In verse 5 it says, "And Noah did all that the Lord commanded him." Utapishtim was wardned by Ea of the flood, so he tricked the people of Shuruppak to help him build it. The structures of these boats they built were very similar to one another. Each boat stood several stories high with many compartments inside for animals. Both boats would only have one large door to enter and exit through.One thing that is interesting about the flood in Genesis is...

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