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The Flow Of Food Essay

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According to Culinary Fundamentals , the Flow of Food is the process by which food items move from receiving to service at a food service operation(33). This process is undertaken in exactly seven steps, which are: receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, holding, cooling, and last but not least reheating(33). If food is not handled safely at each step, contamination or bacterial growth could occur, as it states in the Food safety extension program.The person in charge of assuring the success of the flow of food might be the chef, the manager or the owner of the business. While the flow of food is in action , potential problems might be encountered , such as thawed and refrozen foods, insect infestation , damaged foods or containers, repacked or mishandled items, and foods shipped at incorrect temperatures(33). All products that do not meet food safety standards should be rejected(33). My goal in this paper is to make sure the reader fully understands the flow of food service and the importance of its correct use.

As already stated, the flow of food is undertaken in seven steps, in which the first step is receiving. As stated in ServSafe Essentials, when receiving a product , you should first check for signs of deterioration or contamination, further then make sure it has the appropiate temperature for storing(chap.6.3) . When proceeding to storing, you need to store the product at the right temperature in the right shelf of your refrigerator or dry location. While in the preparation of the product, make sure you do not step into the TDZ zone(chap 6.3). You must always make sure your product has the right internal temperature , and that is held at the right temperature, if hot 135°F and if cold 41°F or lower , for no more than 4 hours. As for frozen food, receive them frozen. (chap. 6.3)

In order to keep food safe during purchasing, receiving , and storing you should first always purchase food from an approved , reputable suppliers(6.2). You should also label and date your foods, and store them quickly to prevent time-temperature abuse and contamination(6.1). In order to check meat , poultry or fish temperatures , you should insert the thermometer stem into the thickest part of the food, which is commonly the center(6.3). For ROP foods, such as vacuum packed and sous vide foods, you must enter the thermometer stem between two packages(6.3). If the package allows fold it around the thermometer stem. For other packages or foods, open the packages and enter the thermometer stem making sure it doesn't touch the package(6.3).

In chapter 6, page #4 of ServSafe Essentials , you are able to find the following packaging information. The packaging of food and nonfood items should be intact and clean. It should protect food and food-contact surfaces from contamination. Reject food and nonfood items if packaging has any of the following problems : Damage, liquid, pests and dates. Reject times with tears holes or punctures in the...

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