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The Flow Of Time Essay

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Ellis has formed his own theory about what the universe and time must be like. In 2006 he began to formulate his own theory on time and the Universe. The theory he formulated is based on quantum physics rather than relativity, as Einstein’s theory is based on.
“A strange fact about quantum physics is that indeterminate future outcomes are seemingly governed by probabilities in the present. Quantum objects exist in "superpositions" of more than one state until such time as we measure them, when they adopt one or other of their possible forms. The most notorious illustration is Schrödinger's cat: locked in a box with a vial of poison whose seal may or may not be intact, it is simultaneously ...view middle of the document...

If any two people or objects are moving at different speeds on the surface they will disagree on what is happening “now”. Ellis believes that this concept is obsolete because it is just psychology. It makes us, as humans, feel good to think that what is happening “now” is all simultaneous but that does not matter in physics.

These different theories can be a lot of consider. If time does not flow it can be concluded that there is no process in which any fixed moment starts out in the future, becomes the present, and then is swept into the past. People often say that the present appears to be moving forward. It appears this way because the present is defined by our consciousness, and our consciousness is sweeping forward through every moment. However, our consciousness does not, and cannot do that. Nothing can move from one moment to another, and to exist at all in a particular moment means to exist in that moment forever. Our consciousness exists in every waking moment.
If the moving present stopped suddenly, for a day or two, and then started to move again at a much faster speed humans would not be conscious of it whatsoever. This is because time is not physical, it is not a measurable object, and it is not something we can actually quantify. There is nothing that we would see, feel, smell, taste, or touch that would show us that the present was moving any faster, or any slower. There is nothing we can measure as the speed of time. But time perception is extremely important to the human experience. Psychologists have made a direct connection between the perception of time and body processes. Dr. Craig is a functional neuroanatomist who proposed that our experience of time relates to emotional and visceral processes because they share a common underlying neural system. This system lies in the insular cortex and the interoceptive system. The interoception is “defined as the perception of signals arising from within the body.” Dr. Craig believes that the body signals as “accumulated in the insular cortex underlie our perception of duration.” What this means is that neural substrates, responsible for a person’s conscious awareness, create the illusion of time based on the neural representation of the physiological condition of the body. This suggests a connection between interoceptive processes and time perception.
This theory is easily illustrated using the old phrase “time flies when you’re having fun.”
“The movie clip eliciting fear was accompanied with subjective time dilation that was more pronounced in the group with interoceptive focus. The amusement situation led to a quicker passage of time which was also modulated by the interoceptive focus. Additionally, correlation and regression analyses indicated that the higher arousal was associated with a stronger contraction of time passing. Our findings suggest that the more aware a person is of ongoing bodily processes, the more pronounced is the influence of emotional states on...

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