The Flying Heart Of An Aviation Hero

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During my early elementary years of school, I would often hear my teachers say; “Hard work and dedication are steps toward greatness”. I did not understand what they meant until I joined the United States Army and served with some extraordinary men. Chief among them is Chief Warren Officer Michael L. Reese. Though I have not meet CW5 Reese personally, I felt as though I have served side by side with him. He has demonstrated what it truly means to strive for what you believe and never give up on your dreams. Through my extensive research and commendations given to him by fellow Aviators, I can truly say I know him. It is my hope to persuade you to induct him into “The Army Aviation Hall of Fame”.
As one of the elite minds in Army Aviation, this noble person positively impacts the lives of many. I wish to educate readers about his contributions to Aviation and to shed light on Army Aviation. Sometimes their service goes unnoticed. Aviation dates back to the 1860s. During the period of the Civil War, the government conducted several experiments with air balloons and artillery. “On June 6, 1942, the War Department authorized the Artillery to have as organic aircraft two “Cub” type aircraft in each Artillery Battalion. What has now become the Army Aviation was born.” (“Army Aviation: Balloon to Apache,” n.d., para. 1 & 2).
Over the years Army Aviation has produced dedicated service members, who risked their lives without hesitation. They spend time away from families and friends to support the safety and security of our country. The role of Army Aviators in combat is critical; thereby providing air support to our ground troops. Our heroes have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve.
The Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) has established the Army Aviation Hall of Fame (AAHOF). This organization continuously recognizes and inducts Aviators with “The Flying Heart” and civilians who have made impeccable contribution to Army Aviation over the years. The inductees’ photographs and accompanying citation are viewable at the Army Aviation Museum in Fort Rucker, Alabama. These are hung with pride, respect, and appreciation to those honored. Among those inducted are: Major (MAJ) William E. Adams who “went above the call of duty and successfully rescued wounded soldiers in Vietnam” and Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Bruce Crandall (Ret.) who “saved several wounded soldiers during a rescue mission in the Battle of La Drang Valley.” (Army Aviation Association of America, Inc., 2013, Inductees)
The Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) gives the opportunity to everyone to nominate their hero. Today, it is with humility that I recommend Chief Warren Officer 5 Michael L. Reese for induction into the Aviation Hall of Fame. CW5 Reese joined the Army in 1988 and has great experience in the Aviation field. He is a Master Aviator and is Air Assault Qualified. He boasts about “5000 hours of which 1000 are in combat” (US. Army...


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