The Flying Men And Their Impact On Literature. Speaks Of Orville Wright And Wilbur Wright

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Who knows when a human first dreamed of flying like a bird . It is important torecognize flying, its effect on people and their communication has changed because of flight. Ibelieve that the invention of airplanes just enhanced the way people communicate and how theyrelate. Literature as a form of communication, was one of the many things that was onlyimproved by the invention of the airplane, because of several reasons.Who invented the airplane? Orville Wright (1871 - 1948) and Wilbur Wright (1867 -1912) American airplane inventors, brothers. 'Their interest in flying aroused by Lilienthal'sglider flights of 1890's.'(Rosenblum 7). In addition to Lilienthal's influence, between the timeLangley flew his scale models and the time his full-size Aerodrome plunged into the PotomacRiver, the two bicycle builders from Dayton, Ohio were busy experimenting with gliders. Wilburand Orville Wright had first becomed interested in flying machines as children when their fatherbrought home a whirling toy . Fascinated, they wound up the rubber band on the cork and papertoy to watch it fly again and again. They built and flew their own versions. 'Throughout theirlives, the brothers experimented with mechanical things Wilbur would come up with the ideasand Orville would analyse and implement them.' (McMahon 23).The two brothers opened a shop in 1896 to build and repair bicycles. The same year,Otto Lilienthal was killed when his glider crashed and the Wrights began to search the problemsof human flight. After reading all the information they could find in Dayton, Wilbur wrote to theSmithsonian Instituion to ask for all the information it had on aeronautics. The brothers showedpure dedication. They read books, works by Lilienthal's The Problem of flying, PracticalExperiments in Soaring, Chanute's Process in Flying Machines, and Langley's writings,among others. They discovered that no one had successfully dealt with the basic need forcontrolling a flying machine. Their conclusion came from a simple yet important part ofcommunication that simply evolved with their invention : Literature.In 1899, Wilbur and Orville Wright built their first small biplane glider and flew if on astring, like a kite. On this glider, they used a system of 'wing warping' which, like in ailerons onmodern airplanes, changed the angles of the wings. Combined with a stabilizing tail, warpingthe wings resulted in relatively controllable aircraft. 'In 1900, they built a much larger glider with17-foot wings. Instead of a tail, it had a rubber, or moveable horizontal surface, in front of thewings, which would control the up-and-down movement of the nose.' (Williams 34). 'TheWright brothers took this glider out to Kitty Hwak, Noth Carolina, where a strong, steady windblew over a low hill of bare sand.' (Walsh 56). In October, they began to test it, first flying itcontrolled from ground without a pilot, then piloted but tethered, and finally as a free-flying glider.After many flights, and a few...

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