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The Foal With The Anatomically Correct Necklace

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Agnus Clopperbottom, the hottest underage filly in Equestria, walked along the path to the fuck place. Her big yellow plot, bounced in anticipation of whatever gross, bluewaffle penis may force into it. Her cutie mark, which was Jenna Jameson's rack, was still red after the spankings her hot lesbian friend had previously given her.

Agnus's wee little vadge, tingled with the sensation of twenty eels, sliding out of it into the anus of her dead dog. Agnus had the perkiest tits, she often massaged them with erotic thoughts of the Condom People, their rubber faces motorboating the shit out of her crotch breasts. Penis. The only thing she loved more than balls.

Agnus was disgusting, a real fartlocker who had the most gross adjectives thrown at her by the writer. However, Agnus had a good heart, despite all the cum around it. She had a brown mane, that was so fucking curly, that if your finger became entangled betwixt the curls, you would need jack off and use your sperm as a lubricant to aid your finger in escape.

As she passed the library, she eyed the cock necklace, the one that Sliken left behind. Agnus was no fool, however, she immediately ran to the necklace, and dildoed herself in the bottom. The pleasure was so grand, that when she came, she drowned an ant pile ten feet away. She then picked up the shit covered dick, and placed it on her neck. She then was transported to an unknown place, where she met, Twilight Sparkle, the Alicorn Bitch.

"Hello young one," the hot purple bitch greeted.

"Well fuck my asshole with that horn, and I will surely cum," the young filly replied, as this was a customary response in the land of Equestria.

"You found that bonerific necklace, did you not?"

"Yup, even fucked myself with it!" the young filly eagerly replied with pride so immense, that her vagina literally exploded.

"Wow are you okay?" the hot alicorn inquired.

"No, my vagina exploded!"

Twilight laughed at this fact, because a vagina exploded. That's pretty damn funny. The vaginal mesh that covered the young pony's vagina walls, now covered the walls of the magic room. Twilight, feeling sympathy for the now vagina-less cutie pants, began to eat out Agnus's butthole. Her tongue slid in and out of the filly, replicating the motions of a frog that was doing the same thing. Agnus raised her back hoof in pleasure, her rectum tingled with a sensation that could only increase.

Just before she came, Twilight stopped and ordered the filly to do the same to her. Agnus had never had the honor of fucking a princess. The young filly began to simultaneously lick the anus of Twilight, while hoofing her vagina. Twilight's pleasure meter went off the charts, and she shit all over the young filly, a mix of lime green and puss yellow to be exact.

Twilight then chewed off her own foot, and told the foal that the necklace she wore was the only thing powerful enough to stop the dragons. Agnus laughed, for she though of a chicken pooping into...

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