The Next Best Thing Essay

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ENGLISH PROJECTTHE NEXT BEST THING.The only source of light piercing the darkness was illuminating from across the room. In the late night I adjusted my eyes to the lack of light and shifted myself quietly in my bed so that I wouldn't wake my roommate.Looking down in my hands the cool object resting on my palms, the glossy screen that urges me to touch it, to slide my hand across it. Unable to resist the temptation, I use my index finger of my right hand and press the home button. The glossy screen was then bathed with multicolored light. The orange icon with the picture of the book stared at me; the source of temptation that led me to even have this object in the palms of my hands. The corners of my lip started to turn upright;I thought to myself, "Did I make the right decision in buying this? Is this iPad worth it?"My thoughts wandered back to the summer before, the summer before college. The lack of summer assignments, the anticipation of knowing what dorm I will live in, the countdown until move-in day, gave me almost three full months of hot, lazy, relaxing days. Days spent walking through various bookstores, slowly pacing through aisles upon aisles of books, from mystery to history, award-winning novels to number one national non-fiction bestsellers. Browsing between bookshelves, picking up novels with intriguing titles. Pausing at the non-fiction section,going through John Green and Paulo Coelho's books about love and the lives different people live. Enjoying the nice air conditioning, the typical bookstore background music with an iced grande caramel macchiato in my hand is my definition of peace and bliss. However books were not an option of being one of the many things that I was planning to pack to college. Being practical, I sorted through shelves upon shelves of books from my two bookcases and donated almost all of it away. I knew that there would be a very slim chance of me ever opening one of those books and actually enjoy reading it. It was impractical to bring the amount of books that I wanted to read to college. I could barely fit my necessities in my car let alone my cramped up dorm...

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638 words - 3 pages the dark. The next sentence, “She knows that she is alone in the whole world; every other thing is dead”, gives many more hints as to what is occurring in the story. The first half of the sentence reveals “she knows that she is alone in the whole world”. The use of the word “knows” and “whole world” should be acknowledged. Knowing does not always connect with the truth. This woman might “know” she is alone in the whole world, just as everyone in

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