The Following Piece Of Work Is An Analysis Of The Short Story Called

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The following piece of work is an analysis of the short story called
the signalman by Charles dickens.

“The signal man” is set in the mid 19th century. The main setting is
that of right beside a train tunnel where the main character the
signal man stays to let trains through etc.The storyline is set mostly
in the night time. The story has an eerie effect on me as a reader.

While I was reading the signal man I picked up on the tense
atmosphere. At one point early on in the story, there’s a moment which
brought the tension to the story in a strong way.

“He looked up at me without replying, and I looked down at him without
repeating too soon.”

I think this moment brings some tension as, it made me eager to see
what was going to happen next.

I also think that the silence of the signal man brings some darkness
to the story. His silence made him seem like a sinister character.
Charles Dickens describes him to use hand actions as well. In a
strange way I enjoy how the signal man is so creepy. I think I find
this, as it gives more depth to him as a character. “He pointed to the
red light he had looked at”.

“His manner seemed to make the place strike colder to me”.

Throughout the story Dickens presents the narrator and the signal man

I feel the signal man is portrayed as lonely, quiet sinister
character. “He had taught himself a language down here,--if only to
know it by sight, and to have formed his own crude ideas of its
pronunciation”. This shows that he has hardly any contact with
external influences.

I could imagine seeing the signal man on a frosty winter’s morning,
feeling his stare, burning through my skin like a concentrated sun on

He works alone in the middle of nowhere, rarely coming in contact with
civilization. He acts in a way that makes me feel like he is in a
trance, with his stone stare and his plain pale face.

I get the vibe that he’s sinister, as he is so silent. He doesn’t
speak throughout the entire endurance of the film almost. Also he
doesn’t say much about him self at all, very secretive, like he has
something to hide maybe.

The narrator on the other hand is presented in an...

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