The Food Quality Protection Act Of 1996

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The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996
The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 or H.R.1627 was introduced by Representative
Thomas Bliley (R) on May 12, 1996. It was supported by 243 co-sponsors. The bill was reported
to the House of Representatives after receiving an 18-0 vote in Committee of Agriculture. The
House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996.
The next day the measure was considered by the Senate, and also passed with unanimous vote.
The bill was then signed by President Clinton on July 24, 1996 and become Public Law 104-170
on August 3, 1996 (Detailed Legislative History). It has been said the bill would have died in the
Senate if it had been held over just one day loner due to rapidly mounting panic and opposition
from some major players in the pesticide industry. This would been a major loss considering
Congressman Bliley had been fighting for this reform legislation since the 102nd Congress (Sray
49 ).
The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 amends the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and
the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenicide Act that had been a burden to both growers and
consumers. The bill Requires the Environmental Protection Agency to develop uniform standards
in setting all chemical tolerances allowed in food. The Administrator of the Environmental
Protection Agency must determine if the tolerance is safe, meaning there is reasonable certainty
that no harm will result from aggregate exposure to the pesticide chemical residue, and any other
type of exposure there is reliable information on (Sray 49). The bill requires all pesticides to be
re-registered under the guidelines that determine if they should be used or not. The three
guidelines for re-registration are the aggregate effects of a pesticide, the common mode of
toxicology, and the effects on infants and children.
The first guideline, aggregate effects of a pesticide, is the total lifetime exposure a person
will have to a chemical. This includes non-food exposure, which is something that was not
included in the past legislation. The next guideline is common mode of toxicity, which makes the
Environmental Protection Agency look at the cumulative exposure of all pesticides not just specific
ones. The last guideline is the effects of pesticides on infants and children. There are new safety
requirements that must be met regarding the amount of exposure that is safe for infants and
children (Sray 49).
Overall the Bill requires the Environmental Protection Agency to look at every chemical
used on food and determine if it is safe to use. The Bill gives incentives to chemical companies
who develop new less harmful chemicals. It also gives allowances to “minor crops” that are not as
profitable as large commodities. It allows the “minor crops” to have a longer grace period for
development and implementation of...

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