The Food We Ate In The Past Was Healthier Than The Food We Eat Today

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Whether the food we ate in the past was healthier than the food we eat today, it is a very controversial topic. As the world develop rapidly, nothing stays the same even the food we ate. These changes sometimes bring us benefits in some aspects. However, some changes bring negative influence in some aspects, such as food, because industrial development of environmental damage makes our food pollution inevitably. In addition, many kinds of food additives are the important reasons for the food we eat is unhealthy. Moreover, nowadays the fast pace of life make more and more people tend to eat more fast food rather than make a healthy diet
1 How does environment pollution leading to unhealthy food?
2 Are food additives the important reasons for the food we eat is unhealthy?
3 What is the relationship between fast food and unhealthy food?
Through responding these questions, we can understand the food we eat is not as healthy as in the past because of pollution, food additives and fast food.
How does environment pollution leading to unhealthy food?
As industry develop rapidly, factories emission pollutant, such as heavy mental, through water, air and other ways. As we know, crop growth needs to obtain nutrients from the water and air. If the environment near farmland is polluted, the crops have to obtain nutrients from these polluted water and air. For example, if a highly polluting factory, such as paper mill, is built in a river upstream, its downstream of the farmland will be seriously affected. Crops which are close to the factory may be death because of serious pollution. Even if the crops which stay away from the factory grow, these crops will contain a large amount of harmful substances, such as heavy metals. These toxic pollutions will constantly be accumulated in the crops. It is conceivable that these crops that contain toxic substances damage to the human body after they are eaten by people.
Are food additives the important reasons for the food we eat is unhealthy?
In the past, people did not have so many kinds of food, especially snacks and soft drinks, such as potato chips, soda, and so on. But, in modern life, people have a lot of choices. I do not deny that snacks and soft drinks are very tasty and...

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