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The Forbidden Feeling Essay

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I went to the --- to meet Kerstin, we met each other maybe a month ago near the campus. She helped me out that time. And a week later a friend of us invited us. He invited me to drink some beer with him and his friends. There saw I Kerstin to the second time. We talked and we felt ourselves really good.
Since the coincidence we got to know each other more, because we have met already several times. She was a bit older than me, more than 9 years although this age difference she became my friend.
She said that she wanted to introduce someone to me, her best friend. She often talked about her lately, so it made me really curious about her identity.

I went in the cafeteria and searched Kerstin, where could she be. I find her instantly and than I walked towards her. When she saw me she waved her hand. She hugged me when I arrived and turned to the table, where her friend set.
"He is Nate and this is --- "
When I realized who she is my eyes went wide. I haven't seen her since we went different roads, what was more than a half a year. I opened my mouth to say something, because I couldn't be unfamiliar with her after all, but the words didn't come, my mind was already ready to see her again but my heart, it was unlike
Several days later?

I go into the apartment and than straight to the living room. I jump on the sofa and turn the TV on. Almost immediately appear Stephanie, but I don’t pay any attention to her. She picks up my legs and lets it falls above the ground. She sits down next to me and starts to gaze me. I feel at me that she starring me, but I don’t say anything yet. When I can’t bear it anymore I turn my head towards her with a questionably look on my face.
“Who was she?” Ask her. Her eyes are sparkling from the curiousness. I have seen this look before I know what’s going to be her next question, but I don’t answer properly to the first one, in hope she will give up and let this topic.
“My girlfriend.” I continue to watch the TV and I am waiting for her reaction. Maybe she will go away or just leaves it as it is.
“Yeah…I know...

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