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The Forbidden Trees Essay

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In our society today, we find ourselves dealing with similar factors from ancient literature. One factor that is still relevant to our society is doing things that are forbidden from us. There is always that one person who is curious which makes them more anxious to do things that they are told not to do. When people are forbidden from doing something, most likely it will make them more interested in doing it. In these three stories, I will show how being forbidden in ancient literature is still the same as our society.
In the short story, “The Old Testament: Genesis,” the Lord God had forbidden Adam from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. “Of every tree of the garden thou ...view middle of the document...

Everyone was forbidden from picking the fruit from the tree. Everyone followed those rules except for the maiden, who was curious about the fruit on the tree. “I’m not acquainted with that tree they talk about.’ “Its fruit is sweet!” they say,’ I hear,” she said (“Popul Vuh” 1752). The maiden overlooked what the people were telling her. She only wanted to taste the fruit from the Calabash tree, because the fruit was sweet. Instead of listening to the people, the maiden went to the tree. “And then the bone spit out its saliva, which landed squarely in the hand of the maiden.” (“Popul Vuh” 1752). By going to the tree, the maiden faced the consequence of getting impregnated by the skull that was on top of the tree. If she would have listened to the people, then she wouldn’t have been impregnated with the twins. This is similar to our society today, because when a person see something that looks good to them, they will be determined to get it. The maiden seen the beautiful fruit which made her want to break the rule even more. No matter how many times, you tell a person not to do something, it will always be there choice to choose to listen. The maiden didn’t listen, so she had to face the consequences, which was being impregnated with twins.
In the story, “Confessions” by Augustine, during his childhood, he stole from a pear tree. It was forbidden to steal from the pear tree, but he didn’t care. “Nor had I any desire to enjoy the things I stole, but only the stealing of them and the sin” (Augustine 728). Augustine didn’t have a motive for stealing the pears from the pear tree. He just did it, because he felt the need to be bad. “Our only pleasure in doing it was that it was forbidden” (Augustine 728). While stealing the...

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