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The Force Of A Legacy Essay

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Growing up wasn’t easy, especially when you lived only five minutes away from New York City and you’re a teenage girl starting on her journey into high school. Nonetheless with the force of the Divine 9, my life was about to change whether I wanted it to or not. Without sororities and fraternities, I wouldn’t be a well-rounded, sophisticated and respectful woman I am today. These men and women made an impact on me that I would never forget. From the yard stroll to the community work, the blood, sweat, tears and love of these men and woman is an inspiration to all. With their kind words, love and influential knowledge which have brought out the best out of me. I can gladly say their love ...view middle of the document...

Once that happened, I knew I had to study more than ever, all I wanted to do is get back onto the field and make my mentors proud.

I was on the brink of failing and possibly being held back while my classmates went onto junior and senior year. I really didn’t want to be a sophomore twice with the little kids I made fun of freshman year now making fun of me. Also who wants to be in high school for five years nonetheless four. While feeling worried I would be a five year high school. I begged my mentors to help me sort out this big dilemma that I knew I couldn’t face alone. My mentors with love in their hearts and smiles on their faces. Enrolled me into an enrichment program and studied with me per fussily. To make sure I would go into my junior year ready and prepared.

While school was one of my many problems, my social life wasn’t really social. In high school many girls were into promiscuous behavior, they would say and do anything to get attention whether good or bad. While myself still new to this world I walked into, I thought I had to resort to this kind of behavior. I once thought that if I exhibited that same behavior that I would to gain the same recognition from...

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