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The Force That Stopped It All

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The conflict between the East and the West has been going on for longer than anyone can remember. It all started when Vladimir Romenskieve killed Augustine Whirlwind in the dead of the night. His intention was to find out how far along the east have gotten along in the race to find the potion that would make a superhuman. Both sides progress was lost along with Augustine and Vladimir, who was killed later. As years passed both nations were in chaos and a feud broke out because of this race. Time moved on and so did the kingdoms but their hatred for each other sparked a war that ran rampant in the streets and dark forests.

Scene One
“Louis!” Belle, my over controlling ...view middle of the document...

It was relieving to be reunited.

Scene Two
Today I am going to play catch up with one of my old friends, Gregor Shpeasitkin.
“Well, Gregor, you look as though you’ve not aged a day since I last saw you! How have you been?” Gregor is in his mid 20’s and although his entire family has been part of the military he had chosen a life at home. He has been a family friend growing up and his parents practically raised me.
“I’ve been better, but you look fantastic!”
“Ha, thats the first time I’ve heard that in a while.”
Even though I haven’t seen my friend in ages it felt as though we were just picking up where we left off a year ago. We went into his living room and his wife Maria brought us some chocolates and a glass of wine. Just as soon as I took my first sip of wine Belle came rushing in. Both Gregor and I shot up when she arrived, but quickly went to see if she is fine because she was gasping for air. Once we calm her down she tells us some very urgent news, “What has brought me here is the disappearance of a spy.We must get in there somehow and try to find her or at least figure out what happened. She stopped communicating with us after she wrote one last letter explaining that she had heard that the west scientists were convinced they had figured out a formula. She wouldn’t ever try to lose contact so we need to find her.”
As the day progressed, plans were sifted through and talked over but none seemed to fit right.
We eventually agreed on one. We decided to put another spy in, Vincent...

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