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Picture our nation built out of building blocks, ask yourself, “what would be at the base?” Many people would say some great thing that makes them happy in their lives, but that doesn't create a great nation, it creates a greedy image within their own minds, one that doesn't exist for many great reasons. Sitting at the base of the structure would be God first, then our military, our country was built on two things God and a strong military force. If you were to disagree with this statement you should get yourself checked. The military is what brought us through one of the largest wars in the entire world. Granted it wasn't a fully trained or qualifying army, but it was a group of rebels ...view middle of the document...

I know a couple of people that are in the Guard or were in the past. Each of them admit that they never regretted their decision to join. In my interview with Sgt. Stanek the National Guard recruiter for Pillager told my parents that they would be even more proud of me graduating from basic training than they would of me graduating from high school. For any parents to go and watch their son or daughter graduating from basic training is a huge deal, for it is a prideful thing to go through. The military can turn a boy into a man, not just in the toughness part of it but also the maturity aspect of it all. You can send a young into the military who has no concept of duties, chores, or even respect, and they come out some years later as a new man who has discipline.
Men and women who join the military often times don’t come out the same person. They often times can see very nasty things. When a person joins up they make a brotherhood with the other members in their squad, they create a family outside of the family that they have grown up with for years. This makes it a very emotional things at times of desperate need like in a firefight. Many soldiers have lost a good buddy, that can mess up a soldier real fast. I know that our Military forces commanded by our president Barack Obama, who can direct our troops to any country for a certain period of time without congress’s permission. It is pretty crazy to think that our president has that much power. President George Bush used it to send troops into Iraq to look for Osama Bin Laden, which all led into another war that finally settled down within the last year.
Every guy must sign up for the draft at the age of 18, this has been a law for a long time, it was put in place to make sure that the government has enough people in an urgent matter. Although it is a draft there is not much of a chance of actually getting called into a war. There are plenty our men and women who join by choice rather than being chosen.
What I Want To Know
Are there different requirements for women than men, if so what are they? What are the requirements and restrictions to become a pilot in the Air Force? Do special jobs in the military give you better chances of getting a similar job in your civilian life? Can you become an officer right of college? What are the chances of getting called overseas in the National Guard? How do they run the pay in the National Guard, does everybody start at the same pay? What are the risks of any of the branches, what do you do? If you lived around here and wanted to join, where would you call, and once you have joined where are you stationed? Just like civilian jobs there must be requirements to be able to get into the military? Can injuries in your past affect your chances of getting into the military?
What I learned
The military does not have different requirements for women as the men. Everybody is treated the same and no one gets special treatment. Women get put through all of the...

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