The Ford 427 Fe Model Engine

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The Ford 427 FE model engine was intentionally made for drag racing. The frame is large but,light weigh for a better performance. It weights between 120 and 195 pounds depending on the materials it is constructed of. The rear end is lifted for better air flow( super motor sports ) .The engine is present in Thunderbolt, Galaxy, and Fair lane ( ford motor Co ) This engine has the ability to reach a speed of 185 miles per hour. It also has overhead cams causing the engine to move faster. It would have cost around 10,000 dollars at the most expensive and 20,000 dollars the the lower end. Production began on the engine in the early 1960's.
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Fair lane body to create the 1964 Ford Thunderbolt.
Extensive front-end modifications were necessary to custom-fit the big-block, and eight equal-length exhaust headers had to be snaked through the suspension components. The competition 427's high-rise manifold elevated the air cleaner above the fender line, requiring a teardrop-shaped hood . B,It gulped air screened inner headlight bezels. Transmissions were a Hurst-shifted four-speed or a 5 speed with 4.44:1 gears or an automatic with 4.58:1. Massive traction bars, asymmetrical rear springs, and a trunk-mounted 95-pound bus battery helped get down what was realistically 500 bhp.
Headlamp bezels transformed into air intakes fed the engine via huge hoses.
Weight cutting was merciless: plexiglass windows and fiberglass front body panels, bumpers, and doors. Sun visors, mirror, sound-deadener, armrests -- even jack and lug wrench -- were shed.
Fiberglass panels and an ultra-stark cabin kept its weight down.
The back seat stayed, but the fronts were lightweight incline truck buckets. At 3225 pounds . T-bolt weighed more than a...

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