The Ford Building Exposition Of Model Vehicles

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In the twentieth century Americans experienced the height of prosperity and the depths of poverty. After the period of the Roaring Twenties Americans entered into an era where arguably the effects are still felt today, the Great Depression. Throughout the country millions of Americans, cities, and states felt the weight of the depression as it robbed them of housing, employment, and their livelihood. It was in these bleak moments that were a space for the promotion of commodities still relevant to the lives of economically depressed individuals. In the city of San Diego in the mid thirties the Century of Progress held an exposition in the Ford Building to display and promote their past and current models of vehicles.
In the year 1934 San Diego was faced with the perils of a tough economy and were seeking for ways to improve their economic status. The ways in which they were trying to accomplish this was by promoting tourism and investment within the city . The city of San Diego saw cities like Chicago experience outstanding success with their Century of Progress exposition and decided to implement a plan to hold an exposition of their own. The city of San Diego chose the Ford Building to be the space for such an event. It was in the year 1935 that the event came to fruition.
In 1935 San Diego hosted a World Fair that was similar to the World Fair hosted in Chicago the year prior. Chicago experienced a boost in tourism and investment in the city due to the event and San Diego was interested in obtaining like results. The Ford exposition was originally not going to be part of the event, but just three months prior to opening day the Ford Company came aboard and decided to offer an exposition modeling their old and newer cars, presentations of the parts, and information on what went into constructing a Ford automobile. As a result of the Ford Company deciding to take part in the event the Ford building became the location for their exhibit.
The event was popular in the San Diego region, and the weeks and months leading up to the exposition newspapers kept providing continuous coverage of the progress. When it finally opened hundreds and thousands of people flocked to Balboa Park to take part in the fair. It was estimated that the Ford Building received over 100,000 visitors that had visited the Ford Building by four o’ clock on May 31, according to the San Diego Union . It was also reported that it was estimated that over ninety percent of those who entered gates of the exposition had visited the Ford Building. Essentially, the event attracted thousands of visitors and likely had significant impact on the city economically by attracting tourists and businesses to visit the area.
Within the exposition was the...

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