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You may think that there is so much to explore in space, especially as it makes the news headlines a lot. Well on Saturday 29th of November 2157, Edwin Hubble realised that like the Outback or the Great Barrier Reef, it was impossible to explore everything. I know, a bit late!
On Saturday, they invented a new job for astronauts. It was called ‘Forestnauts’. They were going to stop exploring space and start exploring forests. It was illegal for Edwin Hubble to make the astronauts redundant so from 2157 to 2165, the astronauts were trained as ‘forestnauts. The astronauts don’t have to worry about oxygen anymore whereas, they can’t flip and somersault in pitch black nothingness.
Like Pluto is too cold to be explored or the sun is too hot to be explored, ‘Black Forest’ is too deadly to be explored. I would try to explain the ghostly spooked figure-like trees and the alive, gnarled roots, but honestly, just thinking about it gives me the shivers; and today, on this very day, ‘Deadly Forest’ was about to be explored.
It was too risky for more than 1 person to go; in case they didn’t come back alive, so the team had picked there most qualified ‘forestnaut’, John Limestone, thinking he would be able to handle the challenge. Before John made his way into the forest, Edwin Hubble said solemnly “See you on the other side”. Those were his last words to John. He looked...

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