The Forgotten Chronicles Essay

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I've always been fascinated by books. There are so many different worlds and characters that are hidden beneath their covers; so many different realities I could hide in. When I was younger, I used to curl underneath my covers for hours while imagining myself fighting off evil in these different worlds. I was able to save kingdoms and become a person that I admired. This strong desire to be someone else made it difficult to come back to reality where the world was harsh and I was imperfect...a nobody.
Reality was torturous and I wished that I could truly be part of these worlds that I read about each night. Now I wish that I could be normal. I wish that I could go back to those simple days and endure the minuscule hardships I had to face. Now, life is filled with dread and I see death and torture at every corner. My hands are stained with blood belonging to both friends and foes.
If you are reading this book, you probably won't believe me when I insist that everything I write is the truth. To be honest, I am only writing this because I need your help. I know it probably would be unfair to ask you to read this book without explaining the consequences. Learning about the truth of the world always comes with a price.
By reading the contents of this book, you are opening your eyes to a new and incredible world! There are fantastic creatures that you will see, but there are horrible beings that will take notice of you. Only the brave and strong of heart will be able to survive in the world that I am about to open up to you. As a result, I strongly suggest that you look deep inside of your heart and make sure that you are ready to risk your life before reading on. If you have any uncertainty, close this book and walk away. Never look back! If you want to continue, read this book with extreme caution and don't forget about the warning I gave you.
Still reading? Well, I suppose that the best way to start is from the beginning. Unlike most adventure stories, my beginning didn't start on a cold stormy night or in the middle of a fight for my life. No, my adventure started in a place that is far more starts in a high-school cafeteria.


He was your stereotypical jock with muscles rippling in all the right places. His face was angular, not showing a bit of fat, while his light blue eyes glittered mischievously in the light. Short, spiked, blond locks of hair completed his visage while a malicious sneer tugged at his perfect lips. Practically radiating self-confidence, Max was handsome and he clearly knew it. I probably would have been swooning over him like all of the other girls in Chase Academy, but I knew him. Behind his beautiful face there was an ugly darkness that lurked just waiting to be released.
"Have you been avoiding me beggar?" His words rolled off his tongue while he took an intimidating step forward. Towering over me, I couldn't help but notice that his 6'4" frame could easily engulf me. All I hade wanted...

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