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The Form, Content, And Function Of Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday On La Grande Jatte”

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Claude Monet painted about matters of modern life. Pierre-Auguste Renoir also painted the subjects of everyday existence. But Georges Seurat embraced the topics of simple everyday modern life and he went far beyond those simple concerns. He wanted to capture the accidental and instantaneous qualities of light in nature. He was beyond his time. He was painting the things that captures take pictures of today. {problem sentence] Many people takes pictures using their smart phones and post them to the Social Media App Instagram every day, but they probably didn’t know that the filters and lenses they use are trained to capture light and bend it in different ways to highlight different ...view middle of the document...

Sadly, Seurat died at the early of age of 31. He painted many great masterpieces, but “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” what definitely his crowning accomplishment. In 1924, Frederic Clay Bartlett bought the painting and put it in the Art Institute and it grew in fame. It has become a cultural icon for Neoimpressionism. It has instant recognition in the world of paintings and art in general. It really caught the society’s attention at the time of its release. The painting has given the public a greater appreciation for its original appeal. It contains a sophisticated balance between old traditions and new innovations. It balances a sense of a moment in time with timelessness. It balances wittiness and solemn quietness.
Georges Seurat played a fresh new revolutionary role in modernism. He was born in Paris, France in December 1859 to a regular middle class home. His family supported his artistic career. Seurat studied under Henri-Lehmann, who was a major follower of the neoclassical Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.
Seurat quit school and after serving one year in the military, he went back to art. He started doing small scale paintings and drawings and oil paintings. He blossomed into artistic maturity and painted his famous landmark painting, “La Grande Jatte” in 1884.
Seurat was inspired by the earthy colors of Jean-Francois Millet and Barbizon...

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