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The Formula For Success Essay

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Success can mean many different things to different people. Some believe that success is when one is famous and very wealthy. Others think that it is when a person has achieved their life goals. According to critically acclaimed and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, though, the argument is not what success is; it is how it is achieved. Gladwell is the author of the novel Outliers, which describes his many theories and ideas of how people have and can become successful. Gladwell wrote his book for all to read because he wanted to disprove the popular belief that people become successful all by themselves; that is, without help from others or outside factors. Gladwell’s effective use of stories of the lives of famous and successful people in Outliers, coupled with his prolific use of logical appeals, or facts and statistics, enables him to easily explain his opinions while convincing his audience that success is attributed to many different factors in one’s life.
To convey his idea of success, Gladwell organizes his book in a way that effectively connects each idea so that by the end of the book the reader can see the whole picture of an outlier. He writes his examples in an order where he builds upon each one and constantly reflects back on them so they all reconnect to his idea that success is not achieved independently. He also uses many logical appeals in each paragraph so that they can flow and connect more easily. Gladwell’s use of logical appeals makes his argument much stronger because they allow him to state facts and statistic that make his ideas more believable while giving him more things that he can connect together to support his theme. His use of refutations and counter arguments also help support his theme because he is able to say how the opposition’s ideas are wrong without attacking them personally. Gladwell does hurt his message a little bit when he discusses cultural legacy, though, because he makes a few assumptions that may not be true. He assumes that everyone with a certain cultural background will act or react the same to a particular situation, but that may not be the case. However, he does back up his argument with an experiment that was conducted about how different people with the same background react to an...

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