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The Foundation For Religion Essay

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Most people in the world trust that religion means something greater than human existence, that there is a life after death whether that’s reincarnation or heaven. Some religions are based on one person leading them, others believe in the supernatural or some believe in the science of man. Every province around, the world seems to have its own beliefs about religion. There are often many branches of the same religion, depending on where you are located in the world. Religion often changes based on the area you live in because of traditions already practiced in that area. When a new religion is being implemented into a new area it isn’t uncommon to add their tradition to get people to ...view middle of the document...

This is the religion of the less educated, or the economically and/or socially less advantaged. With the people doing simpler practices, with less intellectualized readings, but the people can still support or reflect more elite practices to some degree.
In many religions there is great debate about if culture is part of religion. Buddhism is no different. The Old Testament mixes the two together, making religion and culture the same thing. In the book Buddhism without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor he discusses cultural awakening. He believes that “Meditation can foster a culture of awakening, but Buddhism cannot be reduced to a form of meditation” (pg.20 Batchelor). To understand Batchelor we need to see him as part of the tradition, a form of modern Buddhism. On the other hand, John Strong’s book The Buddha Beginners Guides he takes a more traditional view on Buddhism. He weaves together many traditional narratives that Buddhists have told and still tell about the Buddha.
Strong starts his book by educating the reader about Buddhism and the formation of the Buddhist institutions. He weaves together many traditional narratives that Buddhist has told and still tells today about the Buddha. He introduces us to miracles and the three different types in Buddhist tradition. They are superman powers, mind-reading abilities and teaching the Dharma. These miracles can be used independently or in combination, the third miracle is said to be the greatest. According to tradition Buddhism will resolve. The word Buddha won’t even be known there will be no monks and no sanctuaries. At that point the relics will come together and form the skeleton of the Buddha. The twin Miracle will occur and then blow up and that will be when the Buddha is dead. Then the new Buddha will be born when there is no Buddhism.
Strong begins to give us a sense of how Buddhists have traditionally constructed their identities in...

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