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Makeup is a positive creation because it is a form of art, it can help a person feel better about themselves and it helps the person express their personality. The Great Max Factor once said,” You are not born glamorous, glamour is created.” Most society thinks makeup is just a way to hide a person’s flaws or a way to have a fake perfection. Makeup is more than that; it is the paint a person uses to create a masterpiece. Makeup is the way people express art and help them feel better about and express themselves through the way they look.
What paint and paint brushes are to painters, eye shadow and makeup brushes are to makeup artists. A good makeup artist thinks of their craft with passion. ...view middle of the document...

If the person likes the way they look, they feel better about themselves. Makeup is a way a person could feel beautiful in their own skin. Thomas argues, “Physical appearance is not simply a fixed immutable attribute, but rather is altered by individuals to manage and control their self and social images” (Cash Thomas F.) In the end a person does not need makeup, but makeup can control how the person feels about their physical appearance.
Makeup is a key factor to a person’s self-expression. Throughout history the world has used makeup for various uses and reasons. Makeup expresses how society really feels. Lawrence Charles Parish explains, “The reasons for their use- the attraction of lovers, intimidation of the enemy, masking the effects of advancing age and compensation for exterior defects” (Parish, Lawrence Charles). Makeup expresses what society feels at the time. Makeup has influenced many uses and issues in the world. Zoe Diana Draelos says, “Skin care products have influenced everything from religious practices to the health of the general population,” (Draelos Zoe Diana). The way a person or a culture does their makeup expresses different meanings and feelings. “Colored cosmetics have been used to prepare for entry into battle, to heighten the excitement surrounding courtship and adorn the dead before burial,” explains Zoe...

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