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The Foundation Of Quality Higher Learning

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Beginning with the Dual Enrollment program for high school students, English as a Second Language classes for non-English speaking legal residents, and the Adult Basic Education courses for GED seekers, through the numerous university transfer programs available for those planning to continue on at one of Arizona’s major universities, the staff members of the Foundation Studies Division provide guidance to bring students successfully through their current program of study and onto the next. Because of these programs and dedicated staff members, the FSD not only personifies the definition of “quality higher learning”, but also provides much needed services to members of the community and their diverse cultural and educational needs.
This past week, I interviewed members of the Foundation Studies Division staff about their varying departments and the FSD in general. I found each staff member to be extremely helpful and enthusiastic about helping me with my project. One of the amazing people I spoke with was Dean Dean Holbrook. Dean Holbrook is the Dean for Foundation Studies and oversees the English, Math, Communication, and Student Success Skills Departments as well as the Dual Enrollment and Adult Basic Education programs for the college. Dean Holbrook has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Teacher Education; both of which he earned from the University of Arizona. Cheryl Casey, the public liaison for the Adult Basic Education Program and the GED Coordinator was also very helpful. Upon asking Cheryl what her position entailed, she replied, “I do all our registration, orientations, testing, participate in curriculum design, as well as teach all GED subjects, and help our students transition into college and career paths.” Another highly skilled member of the staff that was eager to participate was Tina Luffman. Tina is a member of the full time faculty and holds a Certificate of Accounting, a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and a Master’s Degree in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Writing. She is a Certified Manager of Program Improvement for Adult Basic Education, served on the Quality Initiative during the recent Higher Learning Commission certification process, and co-wrote the Verde Campus report with Dean James Perey. She also serves as an active OnCourse Ambassador.
During interviews with the staff members of the Foundation Studies Division at Yavapai College, we discussed the numerous programs and departments within the division starting with the Adult Basic Education Program and GED services. According to research conducted by the MDRC for the NCPR Developmental Education Conference, ”Enrolling over one-third of all post-secondary education students, community colleges play a critical role in helping educate the U.S. populace, often serving as the gateway for traditionally disadvantaged students to enter college.”(Zachary/Schneider 1) When asked what programs the Foundation Studies...

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