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The Four Important Factors In Assuring Efficiency And Quality In Production

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Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling
The four important factors in assuring the efficiency and the effectiveness in the productivity of a company or organization is planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These four factors can guide a manager in terms of helping themselves to manage a better organizations and achieving their goals.
First is the planning factor. Planning is the function of management that involves setting objectives and determining a course of actions for achieving those goals. Planning compels that managers be aware of environmental situation facing their organization and forecast the forthcoming conditions. Importance of planning is allocating the resources ...view middle of the document...

Besides that, it defines formal relationships and clarifying authorities. Organizing provides formal relationship between employees and managers by their position in the organization. Organizing defines authority and responsibility relationship which promotes mutual understanding among superiors and subordinates and also helps manager to understand each person’s role. Additionally, it helps in attainment of goals. Organizing brings resources and people together. People are dole over with different task required so that the basic objective can be attained as well as employee individual goals.
Move to the next factor that is the leading. Leadership is a process by which one individual influences the behavior, thoughts and attitudes of others. One of the importances of leading is that leaders can guide business in either a positive or a negative way. As in terms of positive way, leaders somehow can inspires some of their followers. So, the greater the inspiration showed by a leader, the greater the quantity of self-motivation showed by the followers. As in the negative way, we can see from the manipulation of employee where manager always gets what he want instead of caring the employee’s feelings. The next importance is leaders can effectively translate intention into reality to those around them by sending...

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