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The Four Major Banks Of South Africa

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 Absa bank

In this assignment we focus on the major asepect CSR (Corparate Social Responsibility). We will be highlight keep facts that banks work towards , the risks and opportunities and what people in South Africa benefit from it. There aim is to understand the concept and how it can influence people to take to consideration that when giving out a helping hand you receive a warm hand of appreciation. We also learn the ways around business and the was to grow nd develop one.

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III. Introduction
IV. Section A
V. Section B
 Absa
 Nedbank
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These two aspects are being interlinked.
They believe that through caring for the community will show great appreciation for people and in so doing they are able to understand and serve their customers.
 Closure within the circle
 Getting the business recognized
 Marketing and Advertising
 Make future clients notice the good they do for the community and create unbelievable deals such as individual and business banking

 Dishonest customers
 False Information
 Funds misused

Nedbank is responsible for the External Bursary Fund, Foundation Trust, Affinities and the Education initiatives along with the corporate social responsibility projects and initiatives done by various businesses throughout the group. About 50% of Education is concentrated on by the CSR project as the bank is putting great focus into it.
They are delighted to receive such an outstanding opportunity for the second time in five years. Their approach to CSR has great result to be effective in highlighting the key challenges we as a country face. The CSR focuses on Education specifically because they aim that the creation of knowledge-based is to address the major challenges we as a country face. They continue to aim higher to succeed an astonishing result from their hard work and priceless effort. This was by said by the Divisional Executive of CSR at Nedbank, Kone Gugushe
 Business deals
 Being recognized
 Growing the bank with clients

 Deals cut-out
 False information

CSR aims to achieve and sustain a positive social development in the communities they operate in. They do this by hosting community interventions, their impact is to re-invest by so doing it will reinforces their values and succeed their business objectives
 Defaulted loans
 Client loss
 The change of investments within the bank

 Advertising
 Increment of clients
 Job creation
 Businesses and individuals taking loans
 Making a difference in SA and change the living in communities

First National Banks CSR hold them accountable for their actions within local communities and beyond. They support the development of job creations, the environment, education and the cultural activities..
Their mission seeks to the people’s needs and support human rights.

By doing this they show deep respect for the community, the internal and external side of the company in which they:

 Business loans
 investments
 Impact on social and environmental
 Keeping their clients
 Funds for education
 Loans in default
 Client loss
 The change of investments within the bank

How these banks integrate CSR into their products, policies and business strategies.
List of policies and products that banks have to offer:
 Life start student accounts
 Life cover policies
 Funeral policies
 Wills and Trusts
 Home loans
 Student loans
 Cancer Care(FNB)
 Loan policies


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