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The Four Major Points Of Socialization In Harry Potter

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Harry Potter is a very good story within the media that portrays all four major agents of socialization pretty well. The influence of family in Harry's life was changed because of how Voldemort had heard the prophecy of a child who will be a threat to him. This is a great example of a self-fulfilling prophecy since Voldemort reacts to this by trying to kill Harry. The result of this, of course, only sets-up his own destruction.
The culture of Harry potter is similar in it’s values but overall has an entire addition of cultural characteristics that are not within our own culture.The values for Harry are pretty obvious especially since the story offers you exact opposites like Voldemort and Malfoy. For Harry and most of the characters everyone was against Voldemort and all the the evil magic that was a part of him. They had overall very good morals and beliefs. Some of their norms included things like going to Hogwarts, reading the Daily Prophet, going to Hogsmeade, and participating in Quidditch. They also followed the rules mostly and made sure to work hard at their school work. Some of the symbols that they had included were the symbols for the different houses like Gryffindor. They also had the symbols and colors for the different schools and the different Quidditch teams. The most important symbol unarguably is the dark mark. In addition to their language is not just English since they have a whole different set of vocabulary that describes and explains their world as well as all the names to the different spells and curses. They also have a greater knowledge because in addition to the language they have to understand spells, potions, etc. There is also a whole set of other jobs, specialities and hobbies that are in the wizarding world. Lastly, they have an importance on wands, exotic pets, brooms, etc. that represent their material culture as well.
Four major agents of socialization
Family is important to a person's life, as it can determine a person’s beliefs and values, and their sense of self. It can give a child their view and opinion on the outside world since they have yet to experience the world for themselves. Harry potter is a great example for family since you can what the implications of different family life are, especially through all the main characters. To take the polar opposites, Harry and Voldemort, neither of them were born into a normal loving family. As a result, voldemort, who was born before Harry, could not comprehend what love is and only grew up in hatred because of the lack of family influence that he had in his life. Harry on the other hand, was very little when his parents died but he was old enough to experience that love and through the magical side of the story, love literally protected him from dying. His aunt and uncle were forced to take care of him and since he could feel a particular sense of abhorrence come from the Dursleys, Harry was unsure of himself and his talents....

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