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The Four Strokes Of An Individual Medley Swimming Event

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Swimmers use four different strokes to swim an Individual Medley swimming event. Swimmers propel themselves through the water using four different arm strokes and four different kicks. Each arm stroke has a kick designed to meet the tempo of the swim. We refer to the strokes in the order in which they are performed, the butterfly stroke, the backstroke, the breaststroke, and the freestyle stroke. The four strokes are consistently swum in this order based on the rules that govern competitive swimming.
Butterfly Stroke
The butterfly stroke is the first stroke of the individually medley event. The butterfly stroke takes place at the beginning of the race and requires the swimmer to ...view middle of the document...

Figure 1 illustrates the stroke.

Figure 1 :The butterfly stroke
Source:”How to Swim Butterfly.” Swim-teach. 1 March 2014.

The second stroke in the event is the backstroke. The backstroke is performed with the swimmer on his back. The kick alternates from one leg to the other. The toes thrust to the top of the water and then back down, similar to running. The kick is the where the swimmer gains much of the speed needed for this event. The arms rotate quickly from the hips, over the water and re-enter the water up above the head alternating from one arm to the other. The power from the stroke comes from the pull. The pull starts when the hand enters the water above the head and sweeps under the water, down the side of the body. The elbow slightly bends to keep the arm from falling below the body and dipping to deep into the water. Figure 2 illustrates the stroke.

Figure 2:Backstroke Arms
Source:”How to Swim Backstroke.” Swim-teach. 1 March 2014.
The third stroke in the sequence is the breaststroke. The breaststroke requires the most muscle and coordination of all of the strokes. The kick is simultaneous and requires the swimmer to pull both feet up to the buttocks, heals together and toes pointed outward similar to a ballet stance. Then the swimmer pushes the feet away from the buttocks in opposite directions similar to the beginning of a jumping jack and then snaps them back together. The snap part of the kick has to be fast and powerful. It is the propulsion part of the stroke. The kick is performed in a rhythm with the arm stroke. When the kick is in motion, the hands are together in a prayer fashion and are thrust forward with the power of the kick. When the kick is...

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