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The Fourth Of July Essay

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Fourth of July is a time where family comes together to enjoy great food and see great fireworks. Coming from Puerto Rico I didn’t know the meaning of Fourth of July, my family and I just knew what to plan out. It means so much more when knowing the history on it because this day means a lot to this country. Many Americans forget that we have so much freedom to live our lives they way we choose to, it’s a time where we remind each other that this is the land of the free. The very first Fourth of July experience I had was at my aunt’s house; she was the only one in the family that was living in the United States.
On this day she had everything that was needed, from volleyball set ups, to croquet, and even a cotton candy machine. Seeing everything, I had said to myself, your spending the time right just likes every other American. I always knew that this day was a day that Americans spend their time appreciating what this country as given them. I felt ...view middle of the document...

My aunt had cooked hot dogs, hamburgers (etc.); anything that was an established food item at Fourth of July was present. Honestly it was the best, eating all these great American foods was life changing. In Puerto Rico I was so used to the routine of rice and chicken, literally that’s all I ate before, thus feeling a sense of happiness. They’re American items in Puerto Rico but non-that my mom could afford, the way she cooked It made it a lot better because t was home made. After eating great food such as that, I definitely did not want to turn back.
Along with the great food came inevitable fireworks bursting the sky. It was an unforgettable moment that made me cry. This was the first time I hade seen fireworks. The sound of fireworks bursting in the air was unpleasing; I was so scared I could stop crying. My mother had said the fireworks are the teeny of the holiday. I went with what she said and started to appreciate what I possibly could never see again. I realized that the fireworks were the joy of ending the fun holiday; I knew I had to go back to Puerto so it was tough closing with the fireworks. Ultimately I thought that this was the end of my American journey.
Reminiscing on my panoramic view of the ideal American event looked like is breathing taking. I never thought I would have as much of a loving moment with my family then this experience. Thinking about how I reflected as an American in Puerto Rico, I would’ve never imagined that this day Is magnificent. Different from what I expected. I’ve definitely learned that the value of being American is priceless, sure we don’t have all the freedom in the world, but remembering to cherish moments like these is what makes life worth living even more. This day I hold close to my heart, it was a time for me to share my American experience in the same, but different way. This occurrence has impacted my life tremendously, I would have never thought of myself as a true American. Attending a American event like this one, gave me a brighter vision towards my future. One event turned my life around and gave me hope that one day I could live in the states and be a true American. Ultimately, as a family we felt comfortable and happy to be part of history.

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