The Fox And The Goat Essay

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Once there was a goat. It was a smart little clever goat. There was a fox, and he wanted to eat the goat when he was small. This is a story about them as children. One bright sunny day the goat was roaming around in the barn. The fox was looking at the goat from a small hill. On the hill the fox was making a plan to eat the goat. When the plan was ready the fox went over the plan before doing it so the plan won’t fail. Then the fox tries to walk normally to the goat. Then the fox asks the goat if he wanted to go for a walk to the hill where the fox made the plan, and the goat said “ yes “. So the goat and the fox went on a walk to the hill. The fox said that we will walk for an hour, and the goat agreed. The next part of the fox’s was to take the goat to the hill where he made his plan. Because he set a trap there that he will make the goat go on. Before the fox and the goat went on the hill the fox said “ wait I need to check something on the hill. Then right away the goat knew that it was a trap. After the fox went up to the top of the hill. Before he got back down the goat took an other way up the, and reset the trap. Then yelled I am up here on the top of the hill. Then right way the fox rushed up the hill and stepped on the line attached to the trap. The fox got into the net that was a part of the trap and got fooled. The fox stayed in there for a hour and the goat laughed hour at the barn. After the fox got out of the net he started to make another plan, and the goat was just walking around the barn. Again the fox went over the plan to make sure it won’t fail this time. So the plan was this to make the goat to go no the line to launch the knives and cut the goat up. So now the fox thought it was time to put the plan into action. So the fox went to the barn to ask the goat if he wanted to go to the lake where the fox made the trap. The goat thought this was a trap so he asked the fox if he could go up on a tree because there were a lot of trees there, and the fox said yes. So the goat went up the tree. The fox thought the goat was going up the tree to enjoy the view, but the goat was going up the tree to scan the lake area, to see if there was a trap. It took the goat a long time to find out if there was a trap in the lake area, it took a long time to know because the fox tried to camouflage the trap, but the goat had sharp eyes. So at the end the goat figured...

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