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The Framework Of White Essay

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One may not understand why God allows certain things to happen, but it is certain that God is not making any mistakes. This poem deals with the fact that God is in all the little details of our lives and everything happens for a reason. In Frost’s first attempt at perfecting his poem, he did not decide directly that God’s design for the world is what happened. It’s a thought, but he isn’t fully captivated by the idea. Frost improved “In White” by changing a few words, and these words changed the connotations of a few important lines and also strengthened the belief that this event is design.
In his revision, Frost improves the point of view that is taken in the poem. “In White” gives you ...view middle of the document...

It is incredible that “a thing so small” (14) can cause so much confusion. Frost contemplates whether this minor event is God’s design or if it is just a coincidence. In the first poem, Frost doesn’t necessarily decide that is was design; in the second poem, he clearly decides on design. First of all, he entitles his poem “Design”; as if this isn’t hint enough that he believes it is design, he writes a line that translates into “what but design” (13) could do this? Although Frost makes readers think more in the second poem, it is easier to ascertain that he has chosen design.
One word in a poem can make a huge difference to the entire line. In his revision, Frost changes a few words and this makes the reader think deeper in order to understand the poem. When Frost is describing the spider in the first poem, he uses the word “dented” (1), but in the second poem, he uses the word “dimpled” (1). Frost makes this change so that we have a different view on the spider. “Dented” (1) makes the spider seem ugly, but “dimpled” makes the spider seem beautiful. So why would Frost make this spider seem beautiful? Maybe Frost wanted us to contemplate why something so beautiful could do something so evil. In line 7 of his first poem, Frost calls the spider...

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