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Can you imagine being deserted in the wilderness with no way to contact the outside world? The fear that would strike you upon that moment is one that no one would hope for; the fear of having nobody, the fear of not knowing where you are, the fear of wondering if you’ll ever find home. In Barack Obama’s, Dreams from My Father, this is the kind of unbearable fear that was present in his mind. The call to find his family is but a memory or a thought that is slowly evading him. As Obama travels with these fears embedded in his heart and mind, he sets out to discover the concreteness of his family lineage, unaware that he may have been surrounded by these family figures ever since he was born.
Family is a major theme associated throughout Barack’s, Dreams from My Father, and is also a constant battle that Obama faces as he struggles to define the meaning and those associated with his family. It is through Barack’s book that he allows readers to uncover his undisclosed past and unveil the struggles that he had approached with his personal definition of family as he grew older. From the starting point of this publication, Obama displays himself as being somewhat disoriented whenever trying to identify his family. “Who were these people, I asked myself, those strangers who carried my blood” (Obama 138). The idea of family to Obama was yet a memory to him by cause of the absence of personal relationships between these family members. Understanding the concept of what family was and was meant to be, he could only imagine, because in reality he had not experienced the joy and happiness of a true family, but rather the pain of separation and seclusion that resulted from it.
As Obama was a young boy in school, he was accustomed to believe family consisted of those who shared the same DNA as he did. However, this idea of family was not long lived due to the absence of those family figures in his life. Through his blood relatives, he would have to travel across the oceans to find all of them and know them on a personal level. It was in this time of his life that he lived “alone”, solemn and in denial that he was missing anything. Obama always wondered about his family, but was only influenced by what the idea of his family was, never truly understanding the feelings associated with it though. “My father remained a myth to me, both more and less than a man…as a child I knew him only through the stories that my mother and grandparents told” (Obama 5). At this time in the book, Obama was trying to measure the loss of his father because he was so detached from him that the difference between his father being dead or alive would be nothing. However, the sting of not ever being able to have that father son connection did burden Obama for he stated earlier in the book, “I would stare at my father’s likeness”, as he was younger, wondering about his father and creating this image that would forever stay with him, the image he created for himself (Obama 9)....

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