'the Freedom Experienced By The Women Of The Spartan Citizen Group Contrasted Surprisingly With The Lack Of Freedom Experienced By The Other Groups In Spartan Society.' Discuss This Statement.

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The freedom and greater respect for Spartan women began at birth with laws that required female infants and children to be given the same care and food as their brothers, in contrast to other Greek cities, where girls were frequently given less and lower-quality food. Spartan women were renowned through the Greek world for their relative freedom. Other Greeks regarded it as immoral that Spartan girls trained with boys whilst minimally dressed. Women in Sparta were supposed to use the freedom from labour provided by the Helot system to keep themselves physically fit to bear healthy children and raise them to sustain Spartan values. Though Sparta eventually banned ordinary coined money to discourage the accumulation of material goods, women, like men, could own land privately. Daughters perhaps inherited portions of land and property equal to one half of what their brothers would receive. However they received their portion earlier at marriage rather than only upon a parent’s death. More and more land came into the hands of women in later Spartan history because the male population declined through losses in war especially during the classical age.With their husbands so rarely at home, Spartan women directed the households, which included servants, daughters, and sons until they left for their common training. As a result, women in Sparta exercised more power in the household than did women elsewhere in Greece. Until a Spartan husband clocked thirty he was disallowed from living with his family. Even newlywed men were expected to only modestly visit their brides by sneaking into their houses at night. If there was cooperative consent a married woman with an infertile husband was entitled to children by a man other than her husband, so pressing was the need to reproduce in this strictly ordered society. The freedom of Spartan women from some of the restrictions imposed on them in other Greek city-states had the same purpose as the men’s common messes: the production of manpower for the Spartan army. By the time the classical era immerged there beckoned an ongoing problem of producing enough children to keep the Spartan citizen population from decreasing too drastically. Men were legally required to get married. Bachelors were subjected to fines and public derision.When Spartan girls reached sexual maturity they were not rushed, as were their sisters throughout the rest of the contemporary world, into marriage and childbed. On the contrary, the Spartan laws explicitly advocated marrying girls only after they had reached an age to "enjoy sex." The reasoning was simple: for young girls not yet psychologically ready for sexual intimacy, sex was an "act of violence." Nor were Spartan girls married to much older men as was usual in other Greek cities. It is estimated that most Spartan wives were only four to five years younger than their husbands.With their husbands confined to barracks and on active service until the age of thirty-one,...

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