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The French Revolution And Nationalism Essay

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After the conflicts against Napoleon in 1815, the outlook of nationalism permeated throughout entire Germany by middle-class liberals and was influenced by the French revolution. Soon Bismarck unified the German states under Prussia. Nationalism encouraged the German people to stand against conservatives and when Germany was finally unified as the German Empire it was very much an authoritarian and a combatant state as well. This is a significant notion to remember about this time period in German history because it was Bismarck's most important legacy since for a thousand years a variety of kings and rulers had tried to unite the German states without success until Bismarck made his claim. Bismarck’s success led Germany to become one of the most powerful nations in Europe.
Overall, Nationalism developed in Germany because of social and economic changes, the new ideas such as liberalism and the Romantic Movement, there were changing balance of powers in the German Confederation, and the hostilities with France.
Not only did liberalism have a foundation of a philosophy devoted to the idea of individual freedoms for religion, speech, and press but the ideas were appealing to many of the middle class who valued the right to be themselves. Liberalism was grounded in middle-class interests because it expressed an association with the ultimate success of capitalism. As society evolved, liberals more and more denounced the aristocracy.
The Industrial middle class accepted liberalism and became the pinnacle majority. Liberalism, intellectually, represented an inspiration from the fundamentalist Whig mores and basis in the Commonwealth men.
Another paramount notion in the changing family life and urban society was the Industrial age split between the home life from the workplace because men were to be the “breadwinners” of the family versus the women who had to stay at home taking care of the children. Men had to be more disciplined with children especially towards their sons if they were to follow in their father’s footsteps and/or to be “man of the house”.
The middle class emphasized responsibility on the children. For example, they began to pursue higher education and expectations for their sons; concentrating on meeting the needs than ever before as new opportunities were brought for their sons to take the initiative for achievement in life. It wasn’t all about birthrights or who was going to inherit what but rather it was the ambition to make every effort to have security, stability, and success.
The home life where women were the caretakers had pressure building because they were restricted to raise children when the father was absent. In spite of everything, the circumstances that the father put would set serious expectations on the children, especially the sons.
One of the double-standards was that men could have a plethora of prostitutes without society having a shame on him however the mother was to support the wholesomeness and...

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