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The Fresh Choice: Following The Locavore Movement

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In third grade, my classmates and I hopped off the bus on a September day. Happiness filled my body. I could not wait to experience our first field trip: the farmer’s market. I remember buying a small, shiny, round apple. Taking a big juicy bite from the crisp apple blew my mind. I remember exclaiming to my teacher about how good it was, and he explained how the apple had been picked that day making the apple taste better and how it had been picked nearby which supported our local farms. Coming home that day, I asked my mom if we could go again to buy our food there. However, I am not the only one. The locavore movement has rooted itself across the nation; nevertheless, it is an individual's choice. Becoming a true locavore takes lots of effort and the inconvenience may not equal the value; however, people should incorporate some local foods to their diets because of their substantial benefits for the individual and a rippling effect for others within the local community.
To begin, locavore eating does not meet the expectation of having a variety of food, of distance, and of helping the environment. Many enjoy the different textures and tastes that come with produce. However, the location of our home limits the diversity of food. Personally, I live in a seasonal climate where winters can be very harsh. If I wanted to buy peaches or oranges locally, I would fail to do so. I would be limited to my state’s staple: corn. Local markets cannot provide all. Therefore, becoming a genuine locavore would be inconvenient for those who enjoy an assortment of foods. Also, urban lifestyle has increased considerably over the past years making it harder to travel to a local food vendor. Paul Walker, an author, mentions in his book The End of Food that “80 percent of us live in large, densely populated urban areas, usually on the coast, and typically hundreds of miles, often thousands of miles, from the major centers of food production” (Source F). Is a hundred miles considered local? Our urbanization and our need for busyness has made it more difficult requiring us more effort to get to these “local” markets. In the end, it becomes troublesome to go grocery shopping. Likewise, this ties into the idea of environment. Which is more environmentally friendly: to walk to a local Whole Foods or to drive to the “local” farmer’s market? Many would say buying local reduces waste due to transportation; nonetheless, a chart from the magazine Conservation Magazine proves that a majority of gas emissions actually comes from the production of the food (Source D). Transportation is low already, so why should we add to that by traveling far distances? Becoming a true locavore for an environmental reason is not worth the efforts because the changes are very miniscule To become a true locavore has many incentives, but there are other reasons that influence can someone to dedicate a...

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