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The Friends We Have Essay

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Muhammad Ali said, “Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.” Muhammad Ali makes it a point that we are able to learn from our friendships, and the people that we have around us on a daily basis. Although everyone is different, there are four main friend categories that we can divide the people around us into. These four main categories consist of best friends, close friends, acquaintances, and frenemies: all of the friend types play a different role in our everyday lives and they each can teach us different things about ourselves and others.
A best friend is someone that we could trust our life with. The best friend is just one person among all other friends that has all qualifications of a 'friend' over any other one. A best friend will never leave our side and will always have our back through thick and thin. This friend is as close as they can be without actually being blood family. Throughout life we will go through many friends but a best friend is one that will always be there. It’s nearly impossible to keep a secret from a best friend as they know almost everything about us. Not all is completely cheery with best friends though. A best friend is not afraid to put us in our place when we need it, or if we step out of line. Everything is said for perfectly good reasons though. So, what can we learn from a best friend? We can learn to be truly open with someone and able to express freely our opinions and feelings.
A close friend is someone we could trust our car with. A close friend is the friend who is there for you but you do not always hang out or talk to as much as a best friend. This friend is usually around in group settings and is similar to a best friend. The difference between a best friend and a close friend is the amount of time you spend with them. A close friend will always be there for you though, even minus the distance or not talking or hanging out for awhile. Just like a best friend, a close friend is someone who is there for you, listens to you, doesn't judge you and you can be yourself around this person....

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