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What might happen given the wrong set of circumstances...I'm not sure when I first began street racing, but that's really not important. What does matter why I stopped. So that's why I shake as I write this... because had I not been there, I never would have believed it. You see, street racing isn't always as glorious as it seems...It was a warm spring day, nothing like the nasty wintry weather causing flight delays and school cancellations of this past week. Early May I think. My buddy Rick called me that afternoon to see if I could lend him a hand."Hey Mark - ya doin' anything?" Of course, for me to even answer the phone implied to Rick that I wasn't busy, so it was just a rhetorical question."Nah... not really. Just waxing the ride. What's up?" I mumbled into the cordless phone cradled on my chin, my right hand busy buffing the dried wax off of the hood of the Buick."Well, I was wondering if you could give me hand sliding the motor back into my Mustang this afternoon. I got the heads back on a few minutes ago and by the time you get your lazy butt over here, I should be ready to drop it back into the engine bay. Can you break yourself away from the Zaino for a while?" He was always jealous how wet my paint always looked and yet he never (and I mean NEVER ) took the time to polish his own car, a '93 Cobra that he had been building to the hilt.Oh sure - he had the mechanicals down pat, but he always said he was going to paint it "next year" and still hadn't. It wasn't that the teal color wasn't cool, but with his neglect it was slowly turning into a muddy blue with some nicks and scratches that could not just be ignored."Ok... I'll be over about 5 or so." "Cool... see ya then!" Click.I went back to taking off the rest of the polish, lost in thought about last night's date with my girlfriend. Wow! Now there's a chick to take home to Momma! Not only is she a hottie, but she loves fast cars - especially my car, an '87 WE4. I bought this car new, just out of high school. It has been with me through triumph and disaster, marriage then divorce, searches and discoveries, thick and thin... But it still is my favorite car of all times.I just love how when I pull into a gas station and nearly every pair of eyes look over it's sleek, muscular lines. Or the stares it gets from behind as they look at the Drag Radials tucked beneath the wheelwells, the dual exhaust jutting out behind the tires. And my favorite part is when they ask "What's she got in her? A Big Block?" and then I just smile and say "Nah, it's just a V6." They usually just drop their jaw and say "REALLY?!" and walk away shaking their head.Well, after a few hours of wrenching, skinning some knuckles, some burgers and fries, and more skinned knuckles, we finally got Rick's motor tucked into between the shock towers. I will definitely give Rick credit - the guy can build a Blue Oval motor. This one was no exception, beginning life as an SVO 351 having every possible bolton including a stroker...

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