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The Fuel Subsidy We Need Analysis

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In "The Fuel Subsidy We Need," Ricardo Bayon raises multiple valid points based on the disadvantages of oil from fossil fuels, and the advantages of fuel cells. Bayon's introductory paragraph informs the reader of how energy-dependent America is in the world today, which in turn describes the topic of the essay. Bayon brings up the point of oil dependence and consumption in the United States, focusing the topic on a specific type of energy being consumed. "Overall the United States consumes 25 percent of the oil produced in the world each year (Bayon,100)." This quote is utilized to prove America's substantial dependence on oil; therefore proving Bayon's topic and providing him with credibility. By using statistics in the introduction, the author attempts to hook readers into reading the remainder of his essay in order to appreciate his point of view.
Bayon's first body paragraph illustrates America's economic vulnerability in order to prove the topic of America's dangerous overdependence on oil. We consume more than our domestic oil supply due to being so oil dependent, and as a result the author indicates Washington D.C. is practically forced to do business with hostile countries for oil. This creates economic vulnerability of the United States to oil price spikes and inflation possibilities. In 2008, "The United States imported 4 million barrels of oil daily, or 1.5 billion barrels yearly from "dangerous or unstable" countries at a cost of about $150 billion per year. (" These oil prices of $150 billion dollars per year can be decreased if hydrogen fuel cells were in greater use. As a result of the laws of supply and demand, the United States will have no power over the increasing prices of oil overseas, and will have to raise domestic oil prices as a result of the increase in price overseas. Inflation, or the decrease in the value of currency, in America becomes an effect of dependency on oil overseas. America's economic vulnerability relates to the topic as a whole because of America's current precarious financial state. Bayon uses this to his advantage in the text in order to prove hydrogen fuel cells are a much better decision economically for the United States.
Bayon's second body paragraph provides a reasonable method to solve the United States economy's oil dependency on foreign oil. The author describes the basic way to escape our outrageous foreign dependency is to slowly wean the economy of the United States off of oil and onto hydrogen fuel cell technology. According to Jim Motavalli, "Hydrogen is the lightest gas and the simplest, most abundant element in the Universe (101). So, by following the author's suggestion of weaning the United States economy off of foreign oil, Americans turn to a cheap and abundant element in the Universe for our energy needs. Through the means of providing readers with a reasonable method to solve the problem of dependency on foreign oil, this will...

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