The Functions And Structure Of The Legendary Telegraph

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The telegraph, which revolutionized communication, was the first step in making people to talk to one another easily. It had lead people to take a step in something we commonly use today, but with different methods. The process, in which it worked, electromagnetics, was still an experimental study during the time it was being developed. As Morse’s curiosity lead to one of the greatest steps in the world of communication, it helped people get closer to one another. Not only was it when it was used during its golden age, but it also brought the Morse code with it which is still useful in today’s world.
With my fascination with the telegraph, I was curious as to how the process of electromagnetism worked in the process of operating it. As I spent my time relearning about the physics and structure that went into working the telegraph, I was able to comprehend its concept of electromagnetism, once again, and the process in which it is used to work. With the decision of learning how the telegraph processed, it stuns me as remarkable as how the original concept was introduced in the first place. It not only let me dive back into the world of physics, but it helped me in what possibly I would like test out in the future. From originally questioning it, I was able to learn, or relearn, the process in how to operate the telegraph.
The effort that went in to working on this project has taught me the usage of electromagnetics in how it can be effectively used in the process of the telegraph. As well as how the operation of the telegraph affects the concept behind it.
Originally the decision of having the telegraph was based on a whim as the concept of electromagnetism was the main focus that I had wanted to work on. When the thought was given to me by a fellow peer, it influenced me into going into the right way into developing my studies instead of just basing it of concept; I was able to also learn by example and use. The reason behind the gained interest in regards to electromagnetics is because the thought of having electric pass through a current in developing a magnet was incredible and could help us develop greater projects that could lead to breakthrough, such as a satellite that can be pushed far of the distance around Earth in which it could repel or attract a flying asteroid to another direction away from it.
Originally, the topic was taught to me prior to my senior year in physics class, especially when we learned about electromagnet concept through a coil. I learned that a coil is the center piece in every object that uses currents of electric to pass through in cause a magnetic reaction in pulling two or more objects towards it to conduct the work. I had originally done this by testing it with a coil using itself to rotate by its magnetic pulse in which a battery was connected through a series of wires by an open circuit. Most of what I have learned for electromagnetism was not the concept, but the math behind it great, but that too was...

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