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The Functions Of The Workplace Safety And Insurance Board

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The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is a customer-driven organization that is focused on finding faster, easier, and more effective and efficient ways to deliver their services in all of their customer interactions. With a focus on improving services to customers, the WSIB has introduced E-services to make it quicker and easier for workers, employers, and healthcare professionals to report claims, and enable employers to access their account information.
The first of the E-services offered is tailored to the needs of employers. This suite is the most comprehensive offering out of the three offered on the WSIB website. Employers have access to the following tools: eStatement, eClearance, ePremium, ePayment, eForm 7, eRegistration, eWISR, and Business to Business Form 7.
The first tool in the employer suite, eStatements, is a service that allows an employer to view, print or download an electronic version of their paper statement. eClearance is a means by which an employer can obtain a clearance and verify that their account is in good standing with the WSIB. ePremium is a tool that allows an employer the ability to quickly and accurately calculate their premium. With ePayment, employers have the option to pay their premiums online with Visa, MasterCard or Interac. eForm 7 is a comprehensive electronic form that simplifies an employer’s process of reporting a workplace injury/illness. eRegistration is a self-serve, real-time submission of registration information. eWISR is a customized Workplace Injury, and Summary Report (WISR) that an employer can download to track injury/illness frequency, and costs online. The last tool in the E-services suite for employers is the Business to Business Form 7. This form provides a secure and efficient electronic means to submit an Employer's Report of injury/disease. Such a comprehensive E-services suite offers employers numerous advantages for the management of their WSIB affairs online. For example, with the introduction of ePayment, employers have greater...

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