The Essential Elements Involved In Planning And Assessing Drama At Key Stage 3.

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THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS INVOLVED IN PLANNING AND ASSESSING DRAMA AT KEY STAGE 3"How and by what means do we assess drama? Any assessment should provide a fair, reliable and objective means of placing a student's progress in drama." Neelands, J (2000) Beginning Drama 11-14, David Fulton Publishers.With no set National Curriculum for drama, with individual schools, practitioners and educators differing beliefs on assessing it and its requirements where do we start? However, no matter the criteria, one thing is clear and that is that planning and assessment go hand in hand. Whether it is to plan for a group or individual student's aims through differentiation constant assessment and reassessment of students goals and own teaching is paramount if there is to be any progress or improvement in our practice.Neelands talks of the pragmatic and philosophical issues that arise within drama. The pragmatic comes from having no set National Curriculum, not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it does create local problems within schools. Drama may have a more limited timetable; its assessment might be through English and the need for some teachers 'to provide meaningful experiences of drama in very short periods of time may also be reluctant to spend precious time on the detailed individual assessment of pupils'. Then philosophically how do we assess 'creativity'? If we focus on 'differentiating between students on the basis of their individual abilities as performers and respondents in drama, there is a danger of alienating and disempowering students who have neither the restricted skills, nor the inclination to develop them, but who nonetheless derive enormous social and aesthetic benefits from participating in drama.'However, if we are then preparing students to further their academic progress in drama beyond Key Stage 3, surely we should provide a structure that works towards those levels and that will therefore require a structured assessment criteria to bridge the gap from Key Stage 3 to 4. After all, we know of the problems that many students face from the different requirements between GCSE and 'A' level and that this has tried to be resolved by focusing on the 'AS' level as the stepping stone. Should there not then be a similar focus at Key Stage 3 and should this not filter down?Whatever our beliefs, to improve our teaching and our learners learning is vital if we are to improve not only all of our standards but also the credibility of drama within the school curriculum. This surely should be done through consistent reassessment of our teaching and our learners and therefore planning in reflection of this. Therefore, what we assess and how we plan in reflection will be considered.Firstly, the basics, the primary role of the teacher is to teach and the learner is to learn! Yet, as it is being constantly proven that learners do not respond to someone feeding them copious amounts of information from the front of the class or lecture theatre the...

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