The Funeral Industry And Me: A Look Into The Subculture Of The Funeral Industry Of The United States

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Members of the funeral industry are united by the caring of the deceased. We take care of those who have died, and in doing so, we help those left behind grieve, mourn and accept their loss. It is a stable occupation, though most refer to it as a “calling”. The funeral industry accepts all most everyone. In the United States, there are more than 22,000 funeral homes. Amongst those funeral homes, there are approximately 102,877 workers. Of those 102,887 workers, there is estimated that there are 25,820 funeral directors and 8,190 embalming specialists. Most funeral homes are independent cells, unless they are part of a chain or a corporation. That said, each state has a board that oversees ...view middle of the document...

Roles amongst the employees are determined by which position and duties they were hired for. These role are determined by the job descriptions and by the needs of the funeral home.
The major differences between members of the funeral industry and the rest of the population, is that members of the funeral industry have a deeper understanding and acceptance of death and a rather morbid sense of humor. To us, death isn’t a taboo topic, it is something to respect and to acknowledge. Each religion has its own funeral customs, so each funeral home of those religions follows those customs. However, the funeral home follows the customs of the families that use them. A Catholic family is going to use a Catholic funeral home, and that Catholic funeral home will practice Catholic funeral customs because the families that use that funeral home are Catholic. Customs and superstitions come from the region the funeral home resides in. There are countless superstitions that surround death, and there are countless that surround each funeral home. At my funeral home, we like to joke around that it is haunted by the original owner. As a whole, everyone the funeral industry is related by “death”. We all work with death. In the individual funeral home level, employees...

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