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The Future Of The Web And E Business

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IntroductionAs we consider the amazing capabilities the web and e-Business have brought to the global marketplace one can't help but wonder what lies ahead. If a review of the historical growth and expansion of electronic commerce over the past 30 years is any indication than the future is even more promising. Just as the growth occurred in periods of time in the past we discuss the future of the web and e-Business in the same manner. Consider what things will be like in the year 2012, 2027 or even in 2057!The Web in 5 yearsWe understand the Internet to be a large international network of networks. Its origin dates back to a time 30+ years ago when the government wanted to decentralize their computer systems to ensure the ability to control these systems in the event of an attack. (Schneider, 2004) As the Internet was opened to commercial use the World Wide Web emerged as the software that controlled the electronic communication on the Internet.The web enabled businesses to expand their reach and create efficiencies they would have otherwise been incapable of achieving. We have studied how the web allows companies to reach their customers (B2C) and how a growing number of organizations utilize the capability to reach other businesses (B2B). Five years from now in the year 2012 these capabilities will have expanded dramatically. Most households will access the web through several devices in their home and not just with their PC's. Even today we see an expansion of this activity through service that is offered over the web such as digital cable TV and phone services.The future will open the playing field to more service providers which will increase capabilities and speed of delivery as well as drive costs down.Technology will be easier and easier to use with voice activation increasing in popularity. In addition mobility will continue to grow via enhancements that surpass blue tooth technology while maintaining and increasing speeds and online communities for individuals to interact with one another has only just begun to take shape. In five years one will see business latch onto the ideas and protocols inspired by community sites such as and medical profession will see subtle changes growing more dramatic past the five year horizon. Capabilities are being introduced today that enable patients and their doctors to exchange medical information in the form of patient files. Speed will be vastly improved in developing new scanning and testing abilities through the use of the web that will enable collaboration of doctors and patients around the globe.E-Business in 5 yearsWhile e-business is not a guarantee, there are individuals that mainly purchase products over the internet and those that have to go to a retail business to purchase the same products. Consumers have different reasons for choosing e-business or physical store purchases which usually include convenience and preference. In the next 5 years businesses...

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