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The Future Entertainment And Innovative Technology Industries And My Contribution Within In

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The Future Entertainment and Innovative Technology Industries and My Contribution Within In

One day evening, I was all alone in my home, since everyone was out for their work. The surrounding was almost prepared to give me a sense of loneliness. But I was not; I was in front of my television and enjoying a dancing performance. I think that gave me the real sense of entertainment. As per my opinion, I think entertainment is any event, thing or a situation that brings an audience, a pleasure and delight. In the ancient world, there were very few needs and wants for a community. But with the miracle of time, those few needs and wants rapidly increased among humans, therefor human lifestyle has become complicated. As a result, the needs of being entertained have become much more important. People spend a considerable amount of their time and money to entertain them.
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It has now created a well identified, innovative and most wanted industry in the modern world. This technological industry possesses a remarkable intervention in society and its surrounding. It has affected on economic growth, lifestyle development, educational development and also very importantly on entertainment.
There are so many advanced technologies out there, but according to my opinion, I am going to take a one single topic which could be the most wanted innovative technology at the present as well as in the future for our day to day life. Eg:- ‘Travelling for shops, marketplaces or even for shopping malls makes a person tired and a little bit of time and money wastage; not only that, human mostly concern about fuel such as petrol or diesel which is a limited resource in future. But luckily there is a solution for the above matters, which is provided by the most wanted ‘WWW’ innovative web technology’. According to my opinion, web technology is a vast area for new ideas, such an idea for the above problems is e-Commerce solution.
Use of electronic commerce gave the opportunity to arise in new ideas, such as electric & online transactions, mobile commerce and marketing via social media. Online shopping is also a one of a kind of entertainment towards the buyers and surfers, they have the ability to compare the prices of a product, can buy or view the product from online anytime any place, and furthermore some online shopping sites run deals and big sales, so this is also a pleasure to the customers in many ways. So with the use of my creative ideas and available technologies with me, I was able to build my own online shopping site known as Dahasakshops and the URL for the web site is Dahasakshops was made with the use of wordpress as the content management system and woocommerce as the supporting shopping cart to provide a proper product catalog as well as the secure transaction process. My main idea is to contribute towards this ever growing future entertainment and innovative technology industry from my own e-Commerce online shopping site.

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