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The Future In Careers Essay

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Jobs demands in the workforce changes in every generations. The current generation rapidly growing job occupations involves biotechnology and computer networking. From the two broad fields, biochemist, biomedical engineer, and network administrator are some of the fastest growing careers in the next decade (Ferguson and Hilton).
Biochemistry might not be a new profession in the twenty-first century, but it is currently one of the most demanding fields in American. According to the government labor statistic, the biochemist employment is expected to grow thirty-one percent in the next decade, making it one of the fastest growing professions for the next few years (bureau). A biochemist studies the structure of living cell samples and they search for ways to improve life on earth. In other words, biochemists search for methods to cure specific diseases in order to improve life (Ferguson).
Before considering biochemistry as a profession, one needs to at least excel in computer science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. In order to become part of the biochemistry community, one needs to earn a bachelor degree in biochemistry or molecular biology as a bare minimum for the field (Ferguson). A bachelor’s degrees, allows one to be qualified for some entry-level positions in biochemistry. However, in order to be considered as fully qualified for the field, one needs at least a master, but preferably a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in biochemistry. The PhD in biochemistry allows biochemists to work in independent research and development. To begin the career as a biochemist after obtaining a PhD in biochemistry, one would need to work in a temporary postdoctoral research position. A biochemist is expected to publish many research articles before he or she will be able to obtain a permanent job in the career (bureau).
Biochemistry might be a demanding career for the next decade, but a degree in biomedical engineer is even more demanding in comparison. The growth rate in the next decade for jobs in biomedical engineers is predicted to grow by sixty-two percent, for which it doubles the growth expectation for biochemistry. A biomedical engineer designs artificial organs and limbs and they keep maintenance for biomedical equipment (bureau). In other words, biomedical engineers solve medical and health related problems with the fundamental of engineering (Fergusons).
Biology, chemistry, computer, drafting, and mathematics are all of the basic knowledge needed to become a...

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