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The Future Of British Columbia's Top Industry

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History of forestry in British Columbia
British Columbia has relied on forestry as an economical export resource for about 100 years. In B.C we have two main forests, the coastal forest, which contains the dominant species of the western hemlock (figure 1.). But, also contain red cedar and Douglas fir below the 51st parallel. (Text pg. 128- 129) This is typically a very dense sprawling forest, with large trees. Opposed to the interior forest, that mainly is populated with lodge pole pine and spruce trees. These trees are both small and spread further apart from one tree to another. (Figure 2)

We as a province mainly harvest from the coastal forests for two main reason. First, here we ...view middle of the document...

This is sheerly due to the technology and rate that 100 years of growth and experience gives us.
We see in history that the cutting and transporting of timber was extremely hard but worth it. All trees were cut by hand and was considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in BC. Then to transport them the greased the logs with fish oil (also abundant in B.C) and slid them across logging roads using ox till the made it to a river where they could be transported downstream. This pace kept forestry as a renewable resource because like Mrs. Husband said it took 85 years to cut the first half.
Now with and industry being so dominate for an economy for over 100 years this makes sense that there was a lot invested into a more efficient way of harvesting, or to cut down the rest in 15 years. Today harvesting occurs in three main steps. First, falling- falling is the actual cutting of the trees. Next, yardining- using what is called a yarding grapple you clean a load the logs for travel. Finally, is the travel and this includes whatever it takes to get it to the mills. Figure 4 shows all tree tasks.

Environmentally speaking

Now knowing that we have the ability to harvest at such a great rate is this now the environmentally sustainable resource that it once was? The answer is no, at the rate that we are clear-cutting and not fallowing the environmental standards needed with a clear cut.
The one clear pro to clear cutting is the economic value that forestry has on British Columbia’s economy. And the fact that we can actually sustain this was of cutting but are not is the reason why clear cuts get such a bad name. The problem is we are not allowing the sections of clear cuts to rejuvenate fully before we cut neighboring lots down. These cleared lots need the dense forests to fully rejuvenate. Also a place...

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