The Future Of Children Essay

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The Future of Children
Visualize a time where all the children and teens attended a school that would have no teachers or peers. This is how it would feel if the children attend online school everyday. Many people think that online schooling would really help them but it really ends up being a bigger challenge. When a student takes an online course, they have to be on a computer all day and that is the only way they learn. The courses will charge the user a huge fee for attending their online classes even though they hardly do anything for the consumers. Students usually do not have many friends doing the same thing, so they will not be able to help each other. Online schooling is not a great option for students because online schooling creates an isolation from everyone else, students must be extremely organized and be time-manageable which is not an easy thing for everyone, and online program can be very costly for some families.
First, online schooling is a bad option because it creates isolation from everything. This is bad because the students will be alone and away from people. According to Steve Pahl, “Many young people enjoy activities like student clubs, sporting events and prom, none of which are of are offered through online high schools” (Pahl). With online schooling students will never get the opportunity to go to a dance with a girl or go to a football game with your friends. Research from The Trouble with Online Education, “ A large lecture class can also create genuine intellectual community. Students will always be running across other who are also enrolled, and they’ll break the ice with a chat about it and maybe they’ll go on from there” (The Trouble With Online Education). Therefore, the benefits of a school are so great including being able to meet new people and friendships can go a long way. Having friends is a very important to the social aspect of life because there are a few important parts of life and social is included. Life is a lot easier balanced than completely lopsided. This is how online schools cause isolation.
The second reason why online schooling is a bad idea is students have to be extremely time-manageable and very organized to be successful. Online schooling makes it so much easier to put things off because nobody is watching to make sure students do their tasks. According to research on Ten Disadvantages of Online Schooling, “It is so much easier to procrastinate in an online class because there is nobody making sure you go to class on time, nobody making sure you do your assignments and letting you know there is an exam coming up” (Ten Disadvantages of Online Courses). In schools, teachers always remind the students of future due dates and when a test is. “There is flexible scheduling for online classes which is good if you are really busy but if you don’t have good skills of managing time then it is pointless” (Pahl). This shows that people don’t always use this freedom the right way...

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