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The Future Of Common Core Curriculum In Education

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Common core has been the program calling all the shots in most school systems in the United States. Since the year 2008, the common core standard testing has been sneaking its way into the school systems. The common core has brought up many different situations within the schools. One situation consists of determining the education level of students by using the same standardized test. Another situation is by requiring teachers to teach to a certain test, even though students do not fully learn what they are being taught. The government should not be able to evaluate students and teachers by one certain test. Attention must be brought up to how common core has changed our education system to the unproductive side, but then explain how our schooling systems can fix the problem that has been made. The common core can be fixed for the best, but the most fulfilling way to fix this problem is to get rid of the program altogether. The best results of students’ education can truly be viewed accurately once the common core is fully out of the school curriculum.
The first problem of the common core started in the beginning. When common core was introduced to schools, some administrators did not have time to think through the pros and cons. This resulted in administrators not considering the best methods and budget distributing for their schools’ benefits. Workers and classrooms were then changed to meet the requirements needed for the common core to take place. Librarians are examples of this because they are losing their jobs due to salary cut backs, having to transfer their jobs to become a teacher to help teach the common core, and some libraries are even being completely shut down for the use of testing areas. The reason for these events are due to the fact students were not given time to use the library because they only had time to prepare for the standardized tests (DelGuidice & Luna).
The second problem with the common core is that the teachers are not treated well. Common core bases the teachers’ performances by the test results of the students they teach (Bushaw & Lopez). However, students do not learn all the same. Students have different ways and levels of learning, making it difficult for teachers to teach one certain way. Administrators do evaluations on teachers during class time to indicate the teachers’ performances (Bushaw & Lopez). This takes teachers out of their comfort zones, making it more difficult to perform at their highest level (DelGuidice & Luna). Teachers are then graded on how well the students perform on the standardized test. When the students do not reach a certain score, the teachers are then pointed to as the reason students have failed. The teachers are not the main reason for the low test scores. The main reason comes from the common core requiring too much information to be covered that is needed for the standardized test. As these problems keep coming up, Americans then start to lose confidence in the...

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