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The Future Of Computer Crime In America...

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The proliferation of home computers, and of home computers equipped withmodems, has brought about a major transformation in the way American societycommunicates, interacts, and receives information. All of these changes beingpopularized by the media and the wide increased personal and private sector use of theInternet. All of these factors plus the fact of more and more business and governmentinstitutions are jumping to make the use of these services has put a much wider range ofinformation at the finger tips of those, often select and few individuals whom know howto access, understand and use these information sources. Often times today thisinformation is of a very sensitive and private nature on anything from IRS Tax returns, toTop Secret NASA payload launch information. Piled on top of that many times theindividuals accessing these information sources are doing so by illegal means and areoften motivated by deviant and illegal means. It is said that at any given time the averageAmerican has his name on an active file in over 550 computer information databases ofwhich nearly 90% are online, and of the 550 databases the number comes no where closeto how many time your personal information is listed in some database in an unactivefile. The 'Average American' could simply sit in his/her home doing nearly nothing allday long and still have his/her name go through over 1,000 computers a day.All of these vast information files all hold the crucial ones and zero's of data thatmake up your life as you and all others know it. All of these data bits, at the hands100,000's of people. With little or NO central control or regulatory agency to oversee thesafe handling of your precious little ones and zero's of information. As it would seemArson Wells was little late with his title of '1984' . 'BIG BROTHER' is INDEEDWATCHING, US ALL and as it would seem our BIG BROTHER is alot bigger then Mr.Wells could have ever imagined. And that our BIG BROTHER is EVERYWHERE! The100,000's of people that do have this information make up our modern BIG BROTHERin the form of government institutions to private advertising companies, these people areall the 'trusted' ones who use our information everyday for legal and useful purposes butwhat about the others who use their skills and and knowledge to gain their 'own'personal and illegal access to these vast depositories of information? These individualspopularized and demonized by the media are often referred to as 'Hackers' or 'One whoobtains unauthorized if not illegal, access to computer data systems and or networks.' orthe media definition 'maladjusted losers forming...

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