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The Future Of Designer Babies Essay

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A man and woman walk into an office where they are greeted by a fertility specialist, who then sets them in front of a computer. Here, the couple is able to scroll through various traits and characteristics, then mix and match them onto a computer generated infant so they can see how their chosen attributes will look when paired together. The man and woman decide on a baby boy with cornsilk blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Their future son will grow to 6 feet tall with an athletic build, have a genius IQ, and a predisposition for baseball. The doctor takes their order, and then schedules an appointment with the soon-to-be-parents to implant the embryo containing all those traits into the mother. While this scene may seem like a moment out of a science fiction novel, it is not too far off what very well may be available in the near future. Medical sciences and technologies are advancing rapidly, and in a society completely preoccupied with obtaining perfection, it should be no surprise to anyone that scientists are playing around with the idea of genetically engineering perfect humans. It is one thing to make the decision to enhance oneself with things like plastic surgery, steroids, collagen, herbal supplements, and so on. There is also nothing wrong with studying hard and practicing in a certain skill to reach expertise. But is it right to decide the fate of a child before he or she even has a chance to decide what they want for their self? Not only is there the sheer matter of right versus wrong, but there also many serious consequences to using such extreme sciences. Because these are new, experimental technologies, there is no predicting what adverse medical effects genetic modification could have on a child. Another plight to consider is how the ability to have a preference will lead to a eugenic rat race with designer children becoming superior to the rest of society. And the most detrimental dilemma has to be that diversity would become non-existent, as humans cease to naturally evolve and gain unique traits. Due to all these factors, and the many other that exist, genetically modifying human embryos to produce what are considered desirable traits is a wrong and completely unethical practice that should not be implemented by anyone.
The whole idea of having designer babies is a very heated and controversial subject in the medical and scientific community. There have been numerous doctors, scientists, researchers, and other prominent figures of the sort, who have offered commentary on the highly negative effects of having designer babies in our society. Nicholas Agar, author of Action Bioscience article Designer Babies: Ethical Considerations, is a professor of ethics at Victoria University of Wellington and has a Ph.D from the Australian National University. He has published several books and articles regarding ethics in genetics, human enhancement, and related topics. Marcy Darnosvsky, author of the Center of Genetics and Society...

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